A girl leaning on a low wall and a wine landscape behind her

An autumn afternoon at the Castle of San Salvatore

There’s a little village in the province of Treviso famous to have not just one, but two castles: Collalto and San Salvatore. The last one – strategically perched on a hill facing the main communication route between Treviso and Conegliano – is a private residence, not very often open to visits. Actually, there are just two big events taking place here: Vino in Villa – a wine experience dedicated to the Prosecco Superiore – and Libri in Cantina – a national show of small and medium publishing. It’s a great chance to enter not just the garden – with all the ancient castle’s ruins – but also palazzo Odoardo, built in the 18th century by the homonymous earl.

The history of the Collalto family – which can claim Longobard origins – dates back to about the year 1000 A.D., when its power began to spread over this very area, obtaining the title of Counts of Treviso. In 1245 the Comune of Treviso itself left all its rights over the San Salvatore hill to the Collaltos, marking the beginning of their influence over a quite extensive territory of the prealpi trevigiane. The building of the castle of San Salvatore took place between the end of the XIIIth century and the beginning of the XIVth, in order to exercise better control over their possessions and working in synergy with the previous fortification of Collalto, few kilometres away. San Salvatore is quite a late-medieval castle, but it also was one of the widest one in the Northern Italy, keeping its power over centuries, until 1797, when Napoleon arrived. The recent history succeeded in devastating what had been kept alive over the centuries: between 1917 and 1918 the castle suffered considerable damage during the bombing, that destroyed also the archives. So much have been lost about its history and appearance, as it was before WWI.

According to studies, a great work has been done during the XVIth century, when a more urban appearance has been given to the architectural space inside the walls. The main palace, Palazzo Odoardo, dates back to the XVII century and has been recently restored to its ancient splendour. The building represented the effort made by Earl Odoardo of Collalto to catch attention and propose himself as Doge of Venice. He didn’t make it but, fortunately, he left us a magnificent palace, now venue for cultural events. The entire castle is still property of the counts of Collalto, who run the estate following that blend of culture and wine that is the natural vocation of this territory.

A place so much beautiful and deeply connected with the panorama to be often chosen by the famous XVth century artist Cima da Conegliano as the main feature in the background landscapes of his paintings.

Portrait of a girl wearing sunglasses with a castle behind herA castle gate

getmehomeforteablog-castle-of-san-salvatore-susegana-tv-autumn (8 di 59)

The northern gate

A castle's gateGate and walls of a castlePortrait of a redhead girl leaning on a brickwall

A wine landscape

The sweet landscape towards North

A catles' walls

Ruins of the walls

Portrait of a girl sitting on a castles' wallsPortrait of a girl with a brickwall and a wine landscape on the background

Ancient buildings and tower inside the castle's walls

The “torre cavallerizza”

Portrait of a girl sitting on a castles' walls and a wine landscape behindA door in the brickwalls of a castle

Portrait of a girl standing on a drawbridge of a castle

The second gate, inside the walls

The besieged walls of a castle

Palazzo Odoardo saw from the main access avenue

Ancient houses inside the castle walls

Inhabited houses inside the walls

Ruins of the original houses and wall of the castle

Remains of the wall and buildings facing North

Bedieged walls of a castle

Battlement facing the plain to the South

The ancient towers and houses of the castleAn ancient well in the castle's gardenRuins of a frescoed wall inside the castle's gardenA girl entering a garden gateA girl leaning on a low wall and a wine landscape behind herA potted plant leaning against the ancient wallsPortrait of a girl leaning on an ancient frescoed wallThe garden inside the castle's wallsAncient ruins of the castleThe castle's garden

The entrance of the main building inside the castle

Palazzo Odoardo

The castle's gardenThe castle's garden with its ruins and towergetmehomeforteablog-castle-of-san-salvatore-susegana-tv-autumn (34 di 59)Ancient buindings inside the castle's wallsA girl leaning in a wall full of autumn ivyAncient buindings inside the castle's wallsA girl facing a wine landscape from a terrace in the castle's garden

Portrait of a girl witha wine landscape behind her

A terrace facing West

A wine landscape made of hills


A group of donkeys eanting on a green field

A girl leaning on the castle's walls

The West side of the palace

getmehomeforteablog-castle-of-san-salvatore-susegana-tv-autumn (45 di 59)A wine landscape

A girl walking in the castle's garden

More gardens on the North side of the palace

A wine landscape seen from a window

Portrait of a girl standing on a staircase inside an historical building

The main staircase leading to the noble floor of the palace

A castle room with two glass chandelierA statue inside an historical building


A staircase inside the castle's garden

The backyard garden

Portrait of a girl heading to the castle's gate

The Southern gate

A low-wall in a tree-lined avenue

The tree-lined avenue leading to the main entrance of the castle

Portrait of a girl leanig on a low-wall in a tree-lined avenuePortrait of a girl holding a chestnut leafThe castle seen from the tree-lined avenue


My autumn outfit:

prussian blue dress by Vero Moda; orange cardigan and blue ballerinas from H&M; vintage prussian blue bag; oak leave earrings by Sigolo Gioielli, NAU! sunglases.

For more info about the Veneto Region and the Province of Treviso please visit Around&AboutTreviso, Qual Buon Veneto and Veneto360.

❃Pics by Antonio and me❃



Up to the castle


I just love castles. I’m quite lucky to live in a country where you can find them easily, emerging here and there on the top of the hills, characterizing the landscape.

They’re also quiet places, full of history and a strange feeling of magic, perfect for a relaxing walk and particularly suitable as photographic sets.



This castle, in particular, can be reached following an amazing walk, paved with smooth cobblestones and protected by high brick walls, that climbs the hill from the old town of Conegliano.

The oldest records of the fortress date back to the XII century, but it is starting from the XIII century that the castle is affected by the structural improvements that led it to its present appearance. It reached the peak of his military and political function during the XIV century with the domain of the Serenissima – The Republic of Venice – and the Carraresi, to be afterwards abandoned in the XV century.


I love all the natural colours of the materials that you can find in such places: bricks, stone, cobbles. Historical buildings, in general, do always have something very special if compared to the contemporary ordinary architecture. They have a real link to the landscape, never giving the impression to ruin it but, at the contrary, exalting and shaping it.

Such wonderful places can represent a great deal of inspiration from many points of view. Not least, they can suggest some ideas for your palette; it is all there and you just need to observe them and get what you need, just like a painter in front of nature.

In this particular case, I love the idea of the effect given by the warm brownish colours of the cape on an almost totally blue base, which reminds me of the shades of the sky.

The pendant is, I believe, my favourite one: it is the real replica of the famous cover of Glastonbury ‘s Chalice Well, designed in 1919 and became a symbol of one of the most mystical places in England, where Roman and medieval roots melt together.

















Sunglasses by NAU!; vintage blue velvet skirt; horses shirt, cardigan and ballerinas by H&M; cape by United Colors of Benetton; handbag by Axel; necklace by Uroboros. Makeup by Neve.

*Pic by Antonio and me*





Autumn in Venice


I do have a special relationship with the city of Venice. I studied at Ca’ Foscari University – medieval archaeology – and since I graduated me and my boyfriend love visiting it quite often. To me if there is a season perfectly according to Venice that is autumn, only followed by Christmas time. The colors in the entire city are so bright and vivid with the first chill breeze caressing it.

I particularly love the hidden calli, those not much known by tourists and where time seems to stand still.




Gold, jamstones and cats for Venetian luxury


Mustard dress, chestnut wool cape and Dr. Martens


In front of the church of San Simeon Piccolo


Fondamenta a le sechere

OVS hat, H&M bag, handmade wool cape, mustard dress from flea market, Dr. Martens and Neve makeup. “Demirouge” bracelet and ring, handmade. Also handmade leaf earring by Sigolo Gioielli.

*Pics by Antonio and me*

See you soon!