A fairy tale woman selling her sweets and bisquits

A visit to “Artigianato Vivo” in Cison

Since when I was a child, one of the top summer events was the Artigianato Vivo in Cison di Valmarino. Placed in August, in the middle of the summer holidays and just one month from the beginning of the school, it remained in my imaginary as a fairytale place to visit, spending a fresh evening with the family and taking shelter from the heat of the city.

I’ve already spoken about this lovely little city in a post a few time ago, but its full beauty is certainly well displayed during the ten days of the fair, when many typical houses open their private courtyards to the public, hosting the artisans’ stands. “Artigianato Vivo”- which means “Living Craftsmanship”- reached this year its 37° edition and from a small event, such as it was in its first years of life, has become an important and renowned date not just for those who live in the surround area, but also for tourists and people from other Italian regions. The craftsmen joining the event come from all Italy too.  So, if you are visiting by, next year remember to come and experience this unique fair.

The amazing thing about Artigianato Vivo is that it suits both adults and children; everybody can find a little thing, object or toy to bring home and enjoy for the rest of the year. If you are searching for an original bag, made of fabric or leather, for a handmade belt, a dress, or simply a charming home design object, you won’t be disappointed.

I leave you with a little photo story about my evening. I hope you will enjoy it and, most of all, that it will be able to reflect the magical atmosphere of the place.

The town band playingHandmade bags and jewelsLittle bird houses and PinocchioHandmade bags and beltsCase MarianHistorical parade in historical clothesHistorical paradeAn artisan at workgetmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison-fairygetmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison (6 di 123)A fairy tale woman selling her sweets and bisquitsportrait of a girl in a courtyard full of peopleA typical house mado of stonesPortrait of a girl leaning against an old gateA crystal ball decorationPortrait of a girl standing near a stand of handmade straw hatsFairy tale characters made of clayPortrait of a girlCraft toolsAn artisan having his dinnerA girl having a look at the handmade dressesA stand of knitted wool sweatersThe catle before the dawnStands in the evening along the riverPortrait of a girl in the sunsetCircular ceramic lampsCircular ceramic lampsHandmade straw hatsPeople on the streets enjoying the standsWood sculpuresPeople looking at the artisans standsPaper lampsCeramic lampsWooden interior decorationsHandmade paperGlass lanternsPeople enjoying food and wineA stand of handmade notebooksA stand of handmade notebooksDogs enjoying their evening tooA stand of winesA girls painting with wineA lantern hanging on a vine plantSome handmade shoesSome handmade shoesA ceramic egg-shaped lampCeramic faced mugsAn old roofgetmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison (65 di 123)Wooden little airplanesgetmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison (66 di 123)Wool scarvesWooden cuttingboardsA girl looking at some handmade dressesgetmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison-artisanThe artisan Sigolo Germano at workgetmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison (74 di 123)Glass arrings made by the artisan Sigolo GermanoA silver octopus bracialet made by the artisan Sigolo GermanoA girl looking at some paper lampsgetmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison (77 di 123)Some handmade bagsA little churchOld toolsPeople enjoying the standsThe feast seen from the torrentA little stand selling scarvesA queque of people waiting to cross the bridge on the torrentThe back garden of a barA bookshop along the waySome wooden heart shaped butting boardsPeople enjoying the artisans' standsgetmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison (87 di 123)getmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison (88 di 123)Portrait of a girl smelling a perfumed lotus flowerAn artisan standAn artisan stand selling parfumed natural little objectsPortrait of a girl holding a piece of orangeVases and decorations made from glassClothes artisansGarlands and tablecloths made from decorated tissuesA dog enjoying the feastWine bottle holder made from tree rootsPortratit of a girlAn ancient courtyardA bowl full of raspberries waiting to be eatenA window decorated with tissue heartsA ceramic whales lampA musk lampgetmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison (108 di 123)An artisan at workgetmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison (20 di 123)Handmade floral dressesA girl peeking through some dressesHandmade pillows and bagsA wall of bagsCeramicsWooden vasesgetmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison (17 di 123)Hand-woven fabricsLittle lapms made of painted reclaimed woodMarine theme itemsAn attic full of beautiful handmade shoes, lamps and jewelsChildren toys made of woodHandmade wool scarvesPeople looking at some artisans creationsCeramic hotair balloon lampsCeramic hotair baloon lampsCeramic hotair balloon lampsWood birdsPeople in an acient courtyardA bothanical stand with all kind of dried flowersThe castle lighten up in the dark of the eveningA woman's hand showing a leaf ringgetmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison-124getmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison--125getmehomeforteablog-artigianato-vivo-2017-cison-126

In these last three pictures there is what I bought. The amazing vine leaf ring made by the talented Germano Sigolo (I already had some of his marvellous leaf earrings last years), two fabric wallets made by Casa Quilt and a huge straw bag by Gabriella Nespoli, that I decided to use as an artistic bag, for all my watercolour materials.

For more info about Cison please click here; for info about the Veneto Region and the Province of Treviso please visit Around&AboutTreviso and Qual Buon Veneto

❃Pics by Antonio and me❃


DISCLAIMER: This is an independent blog. Everything I photographed was just and only based on my choice and doesn’t intend to be an exhaustive and punctual report of the event. Everything I bought with my own money was absolutely chosen according to my tastes and not influenced by third parties. I’ve not being paid by anyone or for anything.



10 thoughts on “A visit to “Artigianato Vivo” in Cison

  1. beetleypete says:

    Many thanks for taking us on this wonderful tour of all the delightful crafts. I especially liked the lamps on display, as they were all so unusual.
    Nice to see you looking so elegant in your black dress too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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